Christmas Crafting 2015: Knit – Hats Part 1.

Every year I make a hat for Mr ALT – it has become a bit of a Christmas tradition after the first christmas we had together when I crocheted him a hat with detachable beard! This year I went a bit overboard on the hat making – 3 hats were produced – 2 perfectly on time and the last one I finished today.


The Santa Hat

This hat had two firsts for me – it is the first time I have knit a hat top down, and my first use of ‘novelty yarn’. The main body of the hat is knit in king cole merino blend aran in scarlet bought locally after a bit of a mess up. The white trim and pom pom are done in Patons Fairy Tale Cloud in white held double, which I ordered here. I followed this pattern from Red Heart which was free and it was relatively straight forward. I knitted the Adult M/L size which I think came up a bit large – as it was for Mr ALT and his head was bigger than the measurements given on the pattern but the brim is still a bit baggy – I don’t know whether this is due to the novelty yarn or the fact I didn’t swatch. Both yarns were other wise great to work with, working from the top down meant that it started off quick, and then became very very slow going but I am quite happy with the end result, if not the timing.

This is the hat that only got finished today. It was knit to replace Mr ALT’s Christmas Hat that he had had for upwards of 10 years and which he threw away last year as it had become a bit ratty looking. The lateness of its arrival was due in part to the mess up with the yarn and partly due to my inability to finish things to a deadline. I ordered some gorgeous looking red Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran from who I have always previously had an excellent experience with. It was ordered with a few other things on the 4th of December, everything else in that order arrived really promptly but that yarn failed to turn up. I just trusted that it would come soon and stupidly didn’t contact them until the 16th when they said they were sorry they had missed the technical error that had meant it hadn’t arrived and that they would be shipping it asap from their US warehouse, with a 15% discount code as a sorry. By this time I had been out to Sew Creative in Cambridge and bought the king cole merino blend, which is lucky as the Debbie Bliss from love knitting didn’t arrive until the 28th of December.

So after that spanner in the works and a very busy Christmas period I am expecting the majority of its wear will happen for the festive period next year. Still Mr ALT did wear it today and seemed very happy with it so I couldn’t really ask for much more.

I hope that I am not the only one who is a bit tardy with some of their festive makes this year!

Thanks so much for reading xALT