Christmas Crafting 2015: Knit – Hats Part 2.

My Grandad is the one in my family who as I grew up was the knitter. Now my mum and me both knit, but growing up it was definitely my Grandad who you would go to if you wanted a jumper knitted. He gave me a ginormous crochet hook at one point which to his bafflement I used to make him a scarf and more recently for his 80th birthday I crocheted him a cushion cover using this pattern. He seemed so genuinely pleased with it – and told me he would use it when he went to watch the football. So after that success and with the idea of the football in my head I decided to make him a knit hat to keep him warm at the football, and after a bit of research on the Everton colours found the perfect pattern.

Grandad Football Hat

Grandad’s Football Hat

This hat was knitted using the free Purl Soho pattern available here. I knitted the adult size but did not use the long tail tubular cast on – I tried but gave up and just used the normal long tail cast on method. The stripes were knitted in rows of 10, and I knitted two rows of each colour for the ribbing. I left off the pompom as I did’t know if my Grandad would appreciate it, and I couldn’t work out which colour to make it!

The yarn I used was from – a much more successful order than my santa christmas hat. It is Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran in Navy, Jeans and Cream and was softer and I think produced a nicer knit than the King Cole Merino Blend – although it was 41p more expensive!

Overall I was really pleased with this hat. The pattern was easy to follow and knitted up pretty quickly and the yarn felt nice, soft and cosy. My Grandad was also very happy with it and said that it would be better than the flat cap he normally wears which restricts the vision of the other football goers! So altogether I would say this project was a win!